Chief Operation Officer

When did you join Mbuyelo Group?

I joined Mbuyelo Group in January 2009.


What made you interested in your specific field?

In school, I loved mathematics and physical science and I would see the difference that Engineers are making in our economy.
Unlike other professions, engineers and operations managers think differently. Engineers have a unique mind set in solving problems. They have different ways of doing things. I wouldn’t be too far off by saying, that we live in a different world.


What are the basic skills one has to equip themselves with to perform successfully in your line of work?


  • Develop problem solving techniques and analytical abilities – One should able to analyse a problem within the mining operations, and come up with solutions to all of the problems that are encountered.
  • Organisational skills – these include meeting deadlines, scheduling resources and delegating tasks to subordinates or contractors.
  • Planning – One should able to accurately estimate the time and effort required to complete a task. Next is to be able to identify and organise systems- as well as the required resources.
  • People management skills – The ability to manage people within the organisation has a profound and direct effect upon productivity because it can affect the performance within the working environment. One should able to have the ability to relate to others and have strong communication skills. I believe that a leader should have good listening skills and be patience with others.


What is a typical work day for you at Mbuyelo?

My typical work day has to do with the leadership: setting of strategies and ensuring that the mine’s operational goals that are set, are implemented.
My role includes people management; financial management; technical advice and productivity. It therefore involves responsibility and accountability of the mining operations.
Currently Mbuyelo Group consists of one operational coal mine with a possibility of starting another mine towards the end of 3rd quarter.


Which office are you based?

I am based between the head office in Meyersdal and as well as the Rirhandzu Colliery.


Do you ever go on site?

Yes – I am mostly at the mine called Rirhandzu, as my position entails…..most of my work is based at the operations.
I also conduct site visits on other explorational projects.
I attend monthly OPS meetings to represent Mbuyelo Group at other mining operations which the company has JVs with.


What makes you get up in the morning without fail?

Having a clear view of what I want to achieve- having a goals!


There are individuals (fraudsters) branding themselves as Mbuyelo Coal (Pty) Ltd and Mbuyelo Group (Pty) Ltd respectively. They disguise themselves under a different name, which we cannot mention at the moment until the investigations are complete. We are doing our best on the matter and will hold the necessary persons liable for this criminal offence. Should anyone hear about internships, vacancies or bursaries and need to verify them, please use the following contacts:


Moleboheng Moletsane at moleboheng@mbuyelo.com0118670836/0219

Or email info@mbuyelo.com


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