Social Responsibility

Mbuyelo’s main focus on its social responsibility is in the areas in which it mines, so as to give back to the immediately affected communities. The contributions are mostly educational: in the form of bursaries, skills transfer or mentorships, learnership programmes, and other sustainable community business programmes.


Mbuyelo being a Tsonga word for “rewards”, the company kick-started their contributions in Limpopo, giving- from as little as clothing, to extending and refurbishing schools, and presenting generous bursaries to any willing and deserving individuals. The proverb “charity begins at home” is a great motivator to Mbuyelo; and our home is South Africa. We, believe in making a difference and it makes sense for us to encourage self-sustenance, through educating and working with communities, therefore making progress inevitable. We are hoping to create a ripple effect with this ideology and hope someday the privileged individuals would do the same for someone else. The company lends a hand to its own employees by helping them further their education.

Mbuyelo has started running agricultural programmes such as crop and poultry farming. Research is being conducted and feasibility studies such as the social impact these programmes will have on the community, the demographics, market locations, etc. are factors being looked into.

Mbuyelo Group (Pty) Ltd has worked in partnership with its sister company, Mbuyelo Coal (Pty) Ltd, on its Social Responsibility Projects. We have partnered with other companies and government organisations, from the Department of Mineral Resources to Standard Bank, in an effort to reach out to organisations and fellow individuals in need. Emphasis for the contributions, has been placed on assisting the local communities in developing and running sustainable projects.DSC_4520

We are proudly South African and are always keen to support our fellow brothers and sisters. We are not shy to take part in events and causes- big and small, such as the Cancer Walkathon, the Nelson Mandela Day, Youth Day, and so on and so forth. Youth Day 2013, Mbuyelo hosted a Fun Day in the Arbor community of Delmas, in an effort to grow relationships with the neighbouring community. It was a day filled with festivities for the young and old, but more importantly, it was the company’s opportunity to put all hearts at ease by keeping the community in the loop with current and future plans in their area, as well as any opportunities availed to them.


First Family Mandela Day 2014

With the recent establishment of the Rirhandzu Colliery in Delmas, the Arbor community is first in line for the regulatory Social and Labour Projects (-or “SLP”). However, Mbuyelo and its partners at Ntshovelo were not strangers in the community; links had already been formed and trust built with previous contributions such as refurbishing of schools and other well-received donations.


On Nelson Mandela Day 2013, we raked closer to headquarters in a moving visit to a local orphanage by the name of Amazing Grace. In Mpumalanga, we partnered- once again, with the Department of Mineral Resources and paid a visit to an orphanage in that part of the country.

This also ended successfully. In all our travels around the country in search of individuals in need of help, one thing we failed was deciding who was more “deserving”. South Africa is a developing country still and our placing it high on our list of priorities is a natural progression to us.


There are individuals (fraudsters) branding themselves as Mbuyelo Coal (Pty) Ltd and Mbuyelo Group (Pty) Ltd respectively. They disguise themselves under a different name, which we cannot mention at the moment until the investigations are complete. We are doing our best on the matter and will hold the necessary persons liable for this criminal offence. Should anyone hear about internships, vacancies or bursaries and need to verify them, please use the following contacts:


Moleboheng Moletsane at moleboheng@mbuyelo.com0118670836/0219

Or email


We do apologize for any inconvenience caused.