Social Responsibility


In all the legs of the company, Mbuyelo always looks back to pull up a fellow citizen, and in that way, contributing to the growth of the country in general. Communities which are affected directly and indirectly by our business receive our immediate attention as we try our best to be involved with projects geared at improvement- especially those that are sustainable.

In the past, we have done our utmost to be involved with the communities surrounding our operations. Meetings with community members have assisted in discovering needs and taking the necessary steps to make sure that set objectives are met.




This mine has teamed up in the Clinic Upgrade project with Manungu Colliery of Mbuyelo Coal, and has made a generous budget allocation towards it. This has got to be one of the most touching projects the company has embarked on, with the changes it promises to bring to the general Victor Kanye community. Healthcare has got to be one of the most essential services and thus also one of the most deepest contributions one can give. The cooperation from the three legs of Government, namely, the Department of Mineral Resources, the Department of Health and last but not least, the Victor Khanye Municipality on this project, has been heart-warming to say the least.

For Rirhandzu Colliery in particular, the Arbor Community is much more intimately involved with the mine having been one of the first communities Rirhandzu has interacted with. Prior and throughout 2018, projects involving the general public of South Africa, such as Mandela Day and Youth Day, have been given to Arbor as first preference. Arbor Primary has benefitted in the form of building of a classroom; a monthly donation of sanitary towels to its pupils; painting the school’s classroom and lavatories; borehole installation and donation of office furniture to mention but a few.

That was not all, Enterprise Development opportunities were created for companies such as Annavela Trading Enterprise which is 100% owned and managed by black women. Many believe in the concept of empowering women means empowering the nation, and this is proven many a times. Annavela Trading supplies laundry services to the mine and in turn are guaranteed unwavering support from the company.





The people of Emakhazeni have gained a support system from Mbuyelo with the recent opening of the Maboko mine. Local businesses have been contracted by the mine for services such as fencing; security; construction (-for housing renovations and bund wall construction); flushable toilet services; honey sucker services; laundry services; plumbing and installation of septic tank, as well as transport services amongst others. The mine has kept the community engaged and is looking forward to working harmoniously and fruitfully for the full life of the mine.

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding; the Maboko community relationship has started off on a positive note.


Timothy Pina explained philanthropy as not being about money, but feeling the pain of others and caring enough about their needs to help. “Mbuyelo knows all about needs and is elated it can extend a hand to relieve someone else’s suffering,” company CEO, Mr Rirhandzu Owner Siweya added.


There are individuals (fraudsters) branding themselves as Mbuyelo Coal (Pty) Ltd and Mbuyelo Group (Pty) Ltd respectively. They disguise themselves under a different name, which we cannot mention at the moment until the investigations are complete. We are doing our best on the matter and will hold the necessary persons liable for this criminal offence. Should anyone hear about internships, vacancies or bursaries and need to verify them, please use the following contacts:


Moleboheng Moletsane at moleboheng@mbuyelo.com0118670836/0219

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