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Extreme Home Makeover – Manungu Colliery

A relocation pickle did a complete 360 when Tshedza Mining (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary wholly owned by Mbuyelo Coal and through the mine Manungu Colliery, handed over a custom-made home to a family that was residing in the mining area prior to mining operations.

Communication between the mine and the Tshabangu’s along with the then surface right owner has been on-going since the consultation phase of the Prospecting and then later on- Mining Right. Sooner than anyone could say “house-plans” both parties came to an agreement on the details of the relocation. The family moved to a nearby community with more than a handful of familiar faces and made themselves right at home with the Tshedza-donated property.

Subsequent to the granting of the Mining Right, Tshedza Mining (the holder of the mining right) purchased the land initially required for the kick-start of the Manungu Colliery. By default, Tshedza inherited the family that resided on the farm whilst it belonged to the previous land-owner, i.e. the seller. As opposed to exploring the possibility of legally moving the occupiers from the farm given the acquired rights of the surface ownership and the plan to commence mining- thus displacing them, Tshedza decided in the Mbuyelo Spirit (of Ubuntu) to relocate and provide alternative accommodation to the inherited occupiers.

The house was built through the Mbuyelo Group’s other subsidiary, Mbuyelo Properties (Pty) Ltd, which itself has numerous projects which are independent ventures of its own. “Today is a great day for us indeed!” Mrs Tshabangu chuckled barely holding back her enthusiasm. When all the relevant paperwork was signed, the house was officially handed over by Mbuyelo’s Community Development team. Keys, title deed and occupational certificate in hand, the Tshabangu’s moved in their belongings, filling the air with a spirit of gratitude.

“Many a time we have seen mines open up and communities would be left out in the cold, but that does not have to be the case. When mines and communities work together in a considerate and cooperative spirit, it benefits not only them, but the South African economy as a whole. We are very determined to leave a footprint we are proud of years to come…” announced Mbuyelo Coal Chief Executive, Rirhandzu Owner Siweya.

As far as Manungu is concerned, it’s all systems with production. Mbuyelo’s Top Management paid a visit to the mine and all were thrilled with the developments!

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