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Maboko Colliery – Social Responsibilities

Socio Economic Development/ CSIs

Socio Economic Development/ CSIs

There are numerous CSI projects that Maboko implemented, however, according to the mining right commitment, there is the Local Economic Development (LED) project that the mine is in the process of implementing. This is the construction of a road for the community of Siyathuthuka Township, within the Emakhazeni Municipality. Through enterprise and supply development, donations and involvement in nationwide campaigns, we strive to reach out to the local community and offer help wherever we can.

For Mandela Day of 2019, Maboko embarked on two initiatives: the donation of blankets to the Municipality for the elderly and destitute across Emakhazeni; and the donation of uniforms, sanitary towels and school printer to Belfast Primary School.

In April of 2020, Maboko took on an outreach program where they supplied Siyathuthuka Clinic with 1000 surgical masks, 20 chairs for patients to assist with social distancing and 3 gazebos also for patients- for shelter from the extremes. This was part of Maboko’s contribution towards the nationwide COVID-19 outbreak.

South Africa is said to have one of the highest rates of violence against women and girls in the world, and a femicide rate that is five times the global average. Mbuyelo will always do what they can to help this scourge, and through its operations such as Maboko Colliery, it has the power to help where they can. Maboko makes partnerships with institutions such as the Emakhazeni Department of Social Development on their Gender Based Violence (GBV) campaigns such as that of October 2020. “Whilst there is recognition of GBV as a politically correct statement that involves all genders; women are the most vulnerable. This is explicitly proven through statistics of sky-rocketing violence against women in our country in particular. This is certainly a course for concern, hence our never-ending efforts to curb this unacceptable new normal… ” remarked Mbuyelo Group CEO, Mr. Rirhandzu Owner Siweya when asked about this plight.

Maboko believes that the youth are our future. For Mandela Day of 2020, the colliery donated generously towards a mobile classroom to Ukhwezi Primary School. Next, Maboko decided to upgrade the kitchen facilities of Ukhwezi Lower Primary School in Belfast. The kitchen was handed over in March of 2021 in an intimate, yet heart-warming ceremony at the school. Maboko Colliery went further and donated towards the Installation of the Khayalami Secondary School’s palisade fence, something very crucial for the safety of the school. CMR Belfast, is a Non-Profit Organisation that renders social work services in Belfast, Siyathuthuka, Dullstroom and the Sakhelwe Community.

Their services include foster care supervision, services to orphans & child protection services. Maboko Colliery donated towards a Child Week Protection event, which went towards the procurement of school shoes and bags. Maboko and surrounding companies of Emakhazeni, sponsored a Youth Day initiative on the 16th of June, hosted by the Zukhanye Impact NPO. This NPO is founded by two local teachers driven by a passion of giving back to the impoverished. The Youth Day event’s purpose was to bring awareness to drugs & substance abuse. Maboko proceeded to donate towards the NPO that assisted three local schools with uniform. Maboko also donated soccer boots to Napoli, a thriving local soccer team at Emakhazeni that day. The Khayalami Secondary School’s Matriculant’s Camp Project, and the Belfast Primary School kitchen facilities projects are both in the pipeline.

The SAPS are the South African Police Service, which is the national police force of the Republic of South Africa. Its 1,154 police stations in South Africa are divided according to the provincial borders. Their mission is to serve and protect and at Mbuyelo, we do not take their contribution to society lightly. Maboko donated towards Belfast’s SAPS where two electrical gate motors were installed; borehole drilled; borehole pump and tank installed, as well as the painting of their palisade fence. The mine is currently busy helping the SAPS with procurement of a state of the art lawnmower which came as a request from these unsung heroes.