Postal Address

PO Box 90349 Bertsham 2013

Maboko Colliery

Responsible Coal Mine and Community Deliverer

The Mine

Maboko Colliery (-or “Maboko” as it is affectionately known), is based in Belfast, right opposite the Siyathuthuka township. Maboko Colliery is proudly and wholly, a Mbuyelo Group operation. The mine itself has a resource of 7million tons, however, the mineable reserve is 5,3million tons. The life of mine at the beginning of the operation was 7years -this is including the rehabilitation.

The mine took off in November of 2018 with site establishment- building of offices, the workshop, Pollution Control Dam (“PCD”), and then followed the stripping of topsoil. Not long after that, it hit its first coal, in December of 2018.

Employment stats

Maboko employs about 250 employees, 60% of these are from its local mining community, the Siyathuthuka Township and the surrounding Emakhazeni Municipality.

Maboko is an opencast operation, mined through the truck, shovel and dozing method. It processes its coal through crushing and screening with the use of a fixed crushing and screening plant. It is a multiple seam operation, mining 5 different seams. This means it needs to get the sequence right, to be able to blend the different seams in the crushing and screening system. The different seams are blended to get the required quality as per Maboko’s Coal Supply Agreement (“ CSA”) with Eskom. The operation has a CSA with Eskom for the next 5years- therefore, basically all the coal goes towards that agreement. We are obliged to supply the 5,3million tons to Eskom.


Safety is very crucial to any operation and Maboko is no different. To date it has an amazing record of 951 Fatality Free Calendar Days; 1726 fatality free production shifts; 371 398 LTI free man hours; 162 LTI free calendar days and 94 050 man shifts since last LTI.

Supplier Development

Supplier development is something we hold dear at Maboko Colliery. Luthala Trading (Pty) Ltd, was appointed the mine’s Gardening Maintenance Service Provider. The service provider has been absorbed under supplier development whereby grass machinery and gardening equipment, as well as PPE was procured for the them. In July of 2020, Maboko procured the following additional machinery for Luthala Trading Pty Ltd: 5 STIHL Brushcutters; 1 Lawnmower and 2 Heaters.

One other opportunity that the community was offered is that of an onsite laboratory at the operation, where they do coal analysis for grade control. This is through a partnership with a well-known laboratory which imparted their skills to the local company. Maboko has since absorbed SB Mining Solutions, under its Supplier Development initiative. SB Mining Solutions are Maboko’s local Coal Laboratory service provider. The service provider is given a monthly grant to enable them to deliver their services efficiently.

Laundry services was awarded to a local supplier, Monde Laundry Pty Ltd. Not only was the service provider absorbed under Supplier Development, but the mine procured the mobile container, as well as all the laundry machinery inside. Maboko has so far given a substantial amount towards this SMME.

Honey Sucker/ septic tank cleaning services was awarded to a local supplier, Sicedindlala Trading (Pty) Ltd. The service provider was awarded their honey sucker vehicle.

In June 2021, Maboko absorbed Duraworks Trading (Pty) Ltd, still under supplier development, for general maintenance. The service provider is also given a grant monthly.

For Matshatshi Mobile Kitchen, Maboko procured a Mobile Kitchen and took them on as their catering service provider. The kitchen was successfully handed over in December 2020.

Enterprise Development

Maboko Colliery has absorbed Bumkha Projects (Pty) Ltd under Enterprise Development. This Enterprise Development initiative has been designed specifically for a Woman-Owned company. Bumkha Projects is a 100% black female-owned company, aspiring for great heights in the diesel supply sphere. Maboko currently provides mentorship and grant assistance to the company on a monthly basis.

Maboko donated the following to Sidabula Maketanga Trading Enterprise as part of enterprise development: 2 Industrial pressure washers with foam soaps; 2 Industrial Vacuum cleaners and a 2500L Water Tank with a reel hose. Again, a gift the mine gave open-heartedly.

The Amasheleni Trading Car Wash handover was filled with cheer, when Maboko came to offer the electrical and water connections fee, and car wash industrial machinery- all within the request of the carwash. They can now focus on getting their business running.

Community Training

Since Inception Maboko has trained a total of 30 community members on machinery training. This includes ADT and FEL training. Some of these candidates are now employees of Maboko Colliery.


As far as skills sought after, the focus at Maboko Colliery, has been to give opportunities to the local community and SMMEs first, before looking outside of Belfast. Opportunities offered range from trucking to supply of PPE. An abundance of opportunities in construction, such as the workshop and storm water management, overall plumbing and electrical work, is all done by locals. Just about 60% of employees at Maboko are from the local community of Emakhazeni.

Before we are a business, we are human beings. Maboko Colliery- through Mbuyelo Group, strives to contribute not only to the economy, but to people from all walks of life. Martin Luther King Jr once said, “Life’s persistent and most urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” At Mbuyelo, we are working to make a difference.