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Mbuyelo Mining Contractors – Social Responsibilities

MMC and the Community

MMC and the Community

Wherever MMC operates, it forms partnership with the mine owner as far as Corporate Social Investments (CSIs) are concerned. MMC looks at requests from the communities and contributes to the CSIs that the mine has committed to. At Maboko Colliery, MMC joined forces with the Colliery and upgraded the kitchen facilities for Ukhwezi Lower Primary School in Belfast, furthermore, there were contributions towards the Installation of the Khayalami Secondary School Palisade fence.

CMR Belfast, is a Non-Profit Organisation that renders social work services in Belfast, Siyathuthuka, Dullstroom and the Sakhelwe Community. Their services include foster care supervision, services to orphans & child protection services. Maboko Colliery with contributions from MMC, donated towards a Child Week Protection event, which went towards the procurement of school shoes and bags.

Both the colliery and MMC are currently busy helping the SAPS with procurement of a state of the art lawnmower. Helping the SAPS where we can will always be important to Mbuyelo, because they are paramount to the safety of South Africans as a whole and their role is often down-played.

The Khayalami Secondary School’s Matriculant’s Camp Project, and the Belfast Primary School kitchen facilities projects are both in the pipeline. The list is endless.


MMC keeps a high standard as far as safety is concerned, with machines that are mine and industry compliant; it ensures that it complies with the Mine and Health Safety Act standard, as well as the particular operation’s Code of Practice and Procedure. All MMC machines are fitted with an anti-collision system called “PDS” which stands for Proximity Detection System.

Training and Development

For training and development, MMC has hired Training and Development personnel who train employees in different disciplines from mining (-drilling and blasting competency), workshop engineering(-where employees are trained to be diesel mechanics), safety qualification, as well as production qualification. Various institutions are used, mostly CTC (Colliery Training College)- which is very credible. MMC does Training and Development for Maboko Colliery, training local people with machinery operation so that when opportunities arise, they can then absorb those community members as part of the company. As part of their contribution for Maboko, MMC offers machinery for the training to take place. Currently, MMC employs about 400 employees. These are dominated by employees from the mining community where we operate.

What does the future hold for MMC?

The company’s goal is to have the capacity to mine for other organisations outside the Mbuyelo Group of companies. Certainly, MMC has raised its hand to compete with the very best in the provision of above average mining services, which will excite high ranking clients. MMC started small from Elandspruit Colliery, to Rirhandzu Colliery, and is currently busy with Maboko and Mavungwani Collieries concurrently. The sky is the limit for this goliath!