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PO Box 90349 Bertsham 2013

Mbuyelo Mining Contractors

A force to be reckoned with!

Mbuyelo Mining Contractors (-later referred to as “MMC”), was formed in 2011 through a mine- Elandspruit Colliery, under Misty Sea Trading (Pty) Ltd. Misty Sea Trading, was a subsidiary of the mother company, Mbuyelo Group. MMC started off by purchasing rebuild machines, until it was able to purchase its own new machinery through companies such as Hitachi and Barloworld.

History/ Inception of MMC

Elandspruit Colliery was the launchpad for MMC. It then grew into opening and mining an operation called Rirhandzu Colliery in Delmas, 8 km away from Kendal Power station- also owned by Mbuyelo Group. This was an opencast operation, mined through truck and shovel and concurrent rehabilitation. MMC mined Rirhandzu Colliery for 5years.

In November of 2018, MMC expanded further and went on to Belfast to start Maboko Colliery, another one of Mbuyelo Group’s operations. While it was busy mining Maboko in 2020, MMC was offered an opportunity to mine for another operation, Mavungwani Colliery. Mavungwani Colliery is a Mbuyelo Coal operation which started in February 2020. “This was the biggest expansion for MMC,” exclaimed Mbuyelo Group COO, Kurhula Bilankulu. Today MMC is running an estimated 80 machines(-excluding bakkies) which range from TLBs, ADTs, excavators, front-end loaders, dozers, graders, to mention but a few. As it stands now, MMC has a capacity of moving 1.3million cubes of material all by its own equipment.


MMC usually gets offered the whole opencast mining contracting business such as the truck and shovel, pit-pumping services, road construction and maintenance, stockpile management (- through its front-end loaders), drilling and blasting (- through a sub-contractor managed by MMC) and it also does the rehabilitation of the mine. MMC does maintenance of its own machinery through its maintenance team in accordance to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards. This amplifies the value that MMC has created, through developing its own skill set.

As far as skills are concerned, MMC can boast up to 30years of combined experience, which includes among others, scarce skills such as Chief Operating Officer, Engineering Manager, Area Manager, and so forth.